Concorde Poems

Elliot my Pompei Cat.

Elliot was found on a Pompei street
A thin little kitten but oh so sweet.
He was found near traffic at 10 weeks old
A waif and stray and shivering with cold.
He was picked up and brought to the cat rescue place
Such a handsome cat with a mischievous face,
Ginger in colour and big orange eyes
With stripes on his body and very loud cries
To make himself known – it didn’t take long
With his love of playing and meows so strong,
He was soon a favourite among the staff
With his crazy antics, he made everyone laugh
Well, I soon fell in love with this streetwise cat,
So he came home with me to live in my flat.

The Nyetimber Pensioner

There was a pensioner from Nyetimber
Who decided she ought to be slimmer
And the lockdown was an ideal time
To ditch the cakes, chocolate and wine.

She gardened, cleaned and walked
Spent time on the phone and talked
After 2 months she weighed, “I’ve failed she sayed”
So the fridge she had to raid.


Homage to my Daughter

The word went out that the NHS needs
Scrubs, caps, bags and PPEs
And to save our medics a cottage industry boomed
Making all those things that we had all assumed
Would be there when needed but regretfully weren’t.

But thank to the “few” perhaps a lesson was learnt
That in future we’ll spend less on conflict and strife
And instead make sure we have the essentials for life.


Afternoon Tea

When there’s nothing much to do or see
It must be time for afternoon tea
Assorted sandwiches with cheese and ham
Followed by scones with cream and jam.
Oh what a delightful spread
All home made including the bread
A nice cup of tea with milk – no sugar
Definitely a day well spent at the cooker.
The radio playing my favourite song
Glad no one can hear me sing along
BUT when Lockdown’s over and all is fine
Who’s joining me for cheese and wine?


Boris said “Back to work”

I fancy an egg
This morning I said
To no-one around in particular.
Which one shall I choose?
I sit and muse……
Indecision is so familiar.
For today the biggest and brownest will do
Get to work on an egg
Or it’s omelette for you!


The Young Lady from Selsey

There was a young lady from Selsey
Who everyone thought was crazy
She went out for a hike
But came back with a bike

Adorned it with basket and bell
And began creating hell
By riding around and knocking down
The people of the town.


Thoughts from Bognor (with apologies to Robert Browning)

Oh to be in Bognor
now that Aprils here.
And the seagulls and magpies
Reclaim territory for this year.

The sun shines strong and brightly as the buds and blossom burst
But we are now in lockdown
As an unseen enemy appears
The air is strangely clean and fresh
The sky at night is clear and bright.
The birds are singing loudly
In April now

After April comes sunny May
With our beaches deserted, and the people locked away
The gardens are immaculate
But oh the shopping queues.
Panic buying is taking place with toilet rolls unseen
Life has slowed right down as the virus does its deed

Oh to return to normal life with family and friends, to laugh and drive to pollute the air in May again



Corona Virus won’t get me
I have my mask and gloves you see
I queue in Tesco with the old
I follow arrows like I’m told.

I stay at home and zoom like mad
I follow every new tech fad
My hair is down to my feet
And any food I see, I eat!


Donald Trump

Donald the president packed his trunk
And said Goodbye to the White House
Off he went with a trumpety trump
Trump trump trump!


When I was Young

When I was young I used to think
Corona was a lovely drink
My granny poured it out for me
And I would sip it with my tea.

Nowadays you can be sure
Corona equals virus spores
What a shame to change the image
From fizzy drink to vile pandemic.


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